We like to burn things!

So one fine Saturday, recently, (to be exact it was the third of February, 1996), we were kinda bored, and we were messing around with some hard drives, trying to get them to work. One of 'em was completely dead -- no spin-up, no blinking light, no nothing. The computer said it was a Micropolis but couldn't tell us more than that. So we figured, the thing's toast, right? And we figured, we're on the third floor, right? Cool. Open da window. (Remember, it was -6 degrees F out that night!) ;-> Well, enough of my ranting, why dontcha look at the pictures! (If you are using a text-only browser, you might as well quit now. We took 87 pictures for this thing, and they *ARE* the good part, OK???)

Death of a hard drive
A Micropolis SCSI hard drive bites the dust, courtesy of a third-story window, an old rusty hammer, and Brian, Dave, Mike, and Sam.
Well, then we burned the hard drive.
We used a pint of Citronella lamp oil (keeps the bugs off) and a quart of lighter fluid ... and a half bag of charcoal briquets.
It burned like a mother......board
Then we said, aha, we have a few cruddy old 386s... let's burn one of them!!! And we've got an old broken motorless Syquest 44mb drive. And every time the camera batteries went dead we threw them in too!!
Burn, baby, burn!!!
huh huhuhhuh, that wuz cool.
The remains
Then we investigated the bits and fragments that were still left. This, to some, could be considered the neat part...

That's all the insanity we have for you today. Tune in next time...

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