Linux Ratfor

This Linux Ratfor is derived from the public domain ratfor version 1.0 by Oz, Ken Yap, W. Bauske (IBM), and SEP ( It is still in the public domain.

Ratfor is short for Rational FORTRAN. If you are not familiar with Ratfor, SEP has a good page about it. It was used in the classic Software Tools text by Kernighan and Plauger, published by Addison and Wesley.

Change History

1.03 - 2015-12-03
I incorporated the changes from Debian ratfor 1.0-15 and a fix for Debian bug#716285.

1.02 - 2015-09-16
I fixed several C compiler warnings, rpmlint warnings, and autoconf/automake warnings.

1.01 - 2001-03-04
I converted the source to ANSI C, added prototypes, adapted it for the GNU autoconf mechanism, and made the test cases (all two of them!) actually work. Because of these changes, I am distributing this as version 1.01. However, I consider this program to be stable.


I have binary RPMS and source RPMS available, as well as the source code:

Other Things You Will Need

The ratfor preprocessor outputs FORTRAN 77. Please note that you will need a FORTRAN 77 compiler (such as GNU Fortran, part of the GNU Compiler Collection) to compile and run the output of Ratfor.

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